Advising on HMRC enquiries, tax disclosures and tax disputes with a view to finding cost effective solutions

Disputes over tax liability are one of the most frequent types of dispute. There are many causes of tax disputes, such as being charged too much or being refused a tax refund.
A tax dispute can daunting, but being aware of the options there are for resolution can be extremely helpful. Obtaining legal advice is important for two reasons, first, you need to be sure of your position and secondly you need to understand all the options open to you and the consequences of your choice.
In this space, we outline different types of tax disputes, how you can appeal against a tax decision and how a tax dispute can be dealt with, as well as providing answers to frequently asked questions to help you fully understand this issue.

Contact us to take some insights into this tax dispute resolution service, which includes, but not limited to the following;

If HMRC suspects fraud they will give you 60 days to make an initial disclosure – expert advice should be quickly taken.

COP8 is used in where there has been significant loss of tax revenue but fraud is not suspected.

Disclosing undeclared income for residential property landlords.

HMRC will challenge any employer who has accidentally or deliberately overclaimed support payments

Potentially wide-ranging, including formal demands for data, penalties, assessments, and visits to business premises.

A facility to make a voluntary disclosure relating to ‘offshore interests’.